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Some sort of update

I don't have a lot to say at the moment, but I wanted to correct what I had said in my last post. It turns out that I am not just helping out in my dad's class, and I actually had classes. From this, I have not had time to really work on anything except my soarers-dongle, which I'm still assembling.
Also, happy late new years! I kinda forgot to make a post at the time.

New Category + Other News

Along with all of the existing categories, I will be adding a new one to the link tree. This category will be similar to the projects page, but will contain all of the random links to things that I like that don't really pertain to any other category.

In other news, I will be starting at a new school, so I will more than likely have more time available to work on the website and on my projects. The reason I will have more time available is that I will only be aiding in my dad's classes for the first few weeks.

Sorry for the long post and have a great holiday season!

First Website Backup + Extra Note

Hey all! After the hosting incedent, I have made the first backup of the website via the Wayback Machine. For now on if anything goes wrong, there will be a backup. On another note, there is a few placeholder images right now on some of the pages, but I'll iron that stuff out soon.

Website Fixed

Hey all! I was having some issues with my website hosting service deciding to suspend my account, but I got the files transfered to another host! Everything that is supposed to work should work now.