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About Me

Hi! I'm Vaugerbird. I am a student that enjoys tinkering with, upcycling, and making electronics. I also spend lots of time in my school's metal shop doing fabrication work and machining. I plan on going into either mechanical or electrical engineering, or a mix of the two.

About This Site

My main purpose for this website is for it to be a place that I can gather all of my projects and links to my other things like my GitHub. I also plan on eventually having a store page on here, but that will have to wait. My other reason, to be honest, is because I was sitting on this domain for a while and just decided one day to learn how whip up this website. I already had some background knowlege in HTML, but I didn't know much about what I needed to make a proper hand-coded website. Therefore, I thought this would be a good experience.


  • Q: What's with the name Vaugerbird?
  • A: Funily, it's just an auto-generated Xbox username that I spelled wrong at one point, so I just kept it.

  • Q: How long have you been doing this?
  • A: I have always taken things apart and loved to helped my dad build things, but I didn't get super into electronics until about 2015/2016.

  • Q: